Your local car rental company in Helsinki, since 1964


Lacara is the best place to rent a van in Helsinki. Whether you need a moving van or a van for conveyance of goods, we have a vehicle for your every need. You can also rent hand trucks, moving boxes and packing materials with affordable prices!

Lacara offers vans for rent for your every need. We have three different size categories of vans in our collection, regular sized Opel Vivaro Short, mid-sized Opel Vivaro Long and Ford Transit -models, and large Ford Transit 300L. The storage compartments in our smaller size categories are 2,2-2,5 meters and in our bigger vans 3-3,3 meters.

A European B category driver’s license or a driver’s license that entitles driving vehicles weighing up to 3,500 kg is sufficient for these vehicles. We recommend reducing the deductible in the insurance when renting vans, in case of accidents when moving goods. This additional insurance is a small price and affordable price to pay for the peace of mind.

In addition to the affordable prices, renting vans is easy with Lacara, since our office is easily reached via public transport as it is located near the Hakaniementori square in Helsinki, at Hämeentie 12.