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Volkswagen T-Roc

Volkswagen T-Roc is crossover fit for everyday life that charms with its sporty design. This vehicle is more spacious than the VW T-Cross and offers a roomy passenger compartment with plenty of room in the trunk, and easily fits five passengers.

Renting a car is the care free and more economical choice over owning a car. You only pay for the car when you need it and you do not have to worry about car taxes or insurance premiums all year round! In the Lacara Rent a Car fleet you can find clean and reliable rental cars for any and all car needs, including short and long term rentals.

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Ovet Doors: 5
Air conditioning Air conditioning:
Amount of passengers Headcount: 5
Gearbox Gearbox: M
Fuel Fuel: E95
Fuel Driver's license: B

Infant Safety Seat

Children Safety Seat

Booster Seat

GPS Navigation System

Unlimited Mileage

VAT 24%

Basic Insurance

1. Creating a Rental Agreement and Cancellation Terms
The Rental Agreement is made between Lacara RAC KG (herein referred to as “the Rental Company”) and the person signing or the juristic person being represented when signing the Rental Agreement (herein referred to as “the Client”) regardless of the order and the booking manner.

At the latest, the Client may cancel the booking free of charge, 72h before the beginning of the booking. If the cancellation is made afterwards, the Rental Company has the right to charge a cancellation fee, which is one (1) day’s rental fee of the vehicle in question.

Only the vehicle class is confirmed when booking the vehicle. The make and model of the vehicle will be confirmed when retrieving the vehicle.

2. Price and Value Added Tax (VAT)
Price of the rental is based on the current rates, the online price or a separate promotion valid for a limited time.

Lacara RAC KG reserves all rights to price changes.

All the prices stated include the current, valid VAT.

3. Payment
a) Unless otherwise agreed upon, The Client shall pay the sum specified in the Rental Document, including possible surcharges with their debit/credit card, at the latest, when retrieving the vehicle.

b) Payment methods accepted by the Rental Company are Finnish debit cards and international credit cards. The Rental Company may accept payment in cash, but in that case has the liberty to charge a separate recognizance in addition to the rent.

c) The Rental Company has the liberty to verify the validity of the credit or debit card, and the account balance for the final sum and possible other charges.

d) The Rental Company has the liberty to charge the Client’s debit/credit card, specified in the Rental Agreement in addition to the rental fee, with added charges for: covenanted basic excess in case of damage or theft; fuel charges including refueling fees; charges and fees caused by elongated rental period; the vehicle’s delivery and retrieval charges; parking fines originating from usage during rental period; private parking control charges; sanctions; fines; tolls; congestion charges; overload charges and other corresponding charges including administrative and processing costs.

e) If the juristic person signified in the Rental Agreement as the Client is unwilling or unable to pay the rental fee and other inflicted charges, the person who signed the agreement for the Client is personally responsible for the rental fee, and the other related or inflicted charges and expenses.

f) The Rental Company has the liberty to demand two (2) credit or debit cards from the Client as a collateral security, if it is deemed necessary.

4. Terms of Receiving and Returning the Vehicle
a) The Client must hold a current, valid driver’s license (driving experience minimum of one (1) year) and must be over the age limit set by the Rental Company depending on the vehicle class (see section 10. Age limits). Clients with driver’s licenses written in other than the Latin alphabet (Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Cyrillic etc.) must also always present an international driver’s license written in English.

b) The Rental Company may require the Client to present a current, valid ID card or a passport when handing over the vehicle to the Client.

c) The Rental Company hands over the vehicle to the Client in good condition at an agreed time and, upon request, provides with sufficient guidance. The vehicle rented has been inspected by the Rental Company before being handed over to the Client. The Client is, however, obligated to inspect the vehicle for any pre-existing damage or deficiency upon receiving the vehicle. Possible damages or deficiencies must be reported immediately to the Rental Company, and they will be marked on the Rental Agreement.

d) The Client must return the vehicle, including all the accessories, to an agreed location at the end of the rental period. The covenanted rental period ends at a time specified in the Rental Agreement, or when the vehicle and the keys have been returned to a location approved by the Rental Company and the Rental Company has been notified.

e) Contacting the Rental Company is required if the Client wishes to extend the rental period in the middle of the rental period. If the extension of the rental period is possible considering the booking situation, the charge for the extended rental is the same as the charge for a new rental.

f) If the Client fails to return the vehicle at the end of the rental period, and an extension for the rental period has not been verifiably made, the Rental Company will contact the police. In that case the Rental Company has the liberty to charge the Client a full fee for the return delay time, and a compensation for the extra work and other relevant financial damage caused by the delay.

g) The rental fee, other agreed surcharges and value added tax (VAT) must be paid in full for the booked rental period. If the vehicle is retrieved late or returned earlier than agreed to, the Rental Company is not obligated to reimburse for this time.

h) The Rental Company is not responsible for any property left in the vehicle when the vehicle is returned.

5. Use of Vehicle
a) The Client is responsible for the vehicle and must take care of it as well as a cautious individual would care for their own vehicle, and exercise special caution and care when driving. The Client is committed to use the vehicle only in its intended way. The Client must see to the normal observation of the vehicle’s condition during the rental period, including tire pressure and sufficient filling of oil and other liquids.

b) The Client commits to being the driver of the vehicle. The vehicle may only be handed over to another person to drive, when a written contract is made with the Rental Company. In this case the Client must present the driver’s license of the other driver as well when receiving the vehicle. The Client is required to inform of the content of this contract to the person, to whom the rental vehicle is handed over within the limits of this contract.

c) The vehicle must be locked even when momentarily parked.

d) Smoking and transporting pets in the vehicle are only allowed with the permission of the Rental Company.

e) Using the vehicle for illegal purposes; towing; racing or practicing for racing; for driving instructing and driving on ice outside officially marked ice roads is forbidden.

f) The vehicle must not be taken outside the Finnish borders without a separate permission from the Rental Company. The vehicle’s insurance cover and excess conditions are only valid in Finland.

6. Refueling the Vehicle
The Client pays for the used fuel. The fuel used in the vehicle is indicated in the Rental Agreement. The Client is held fully responsible for the damages caused by refueling or using the wrong fuel.

Unless otherwise agreed upon, the Client will return the vehicle refueled. If the Client returns the vehicle without refueling, the Rental Company has the liberty to charge for the missing fuel and a possible refueling fee indicated in the Rental Agreement or the current rates.

7. Accidents and Defects
a) The Client must notify the Rental Company immediately in case of an accident or defect in the vehicle during the rental period. All crimes focused on the rental vehicle, road accidents and personal or animal injuries must always be immediately reported to the police as well.

b) In case of an accident, The Client must always fill out a written notification of claim and deliver it to the Rental Company. The Client is held fully responsible for the damages and consequences caused by the neglect of the written notification of claim.

8. The Client’s Liability for Damages
a) The Client is obligated to reimburse for the damages to the vehicle and its accessories occurred during the rental period, and the cost of the vehicle’s down time during repair. The Rental Company will charge the Client for the repair costs, based on the repair cost estimate by a repair shop of the Rental Company’s choosing, and down time (maximum 30 days) based on the current rates.

b) The maximum amount for the Client’s liability to pay costs per damage is limited to the basic excess signified in the Rental Agreement. The maximum of the liability can be reduced by paying a separately agreed surcharge when making the Rental Agreement. The basic excess will be charged for every damage separately.

c) The Rental Company is not obligated to repair their vehicle to charge the Client for the caused damages.

d) If the Client causes damage to another vehicle, the Rental Company will charge for the repair costs and other possible recoverable compensations, however, no more than the maximum amount of the selected liability to pay costs, regardless of whether the Rental Company’s vehicle insurance covers for the damage.

e) The Client is fully responsible for all parking fines originating from usage during rental period as well as private parking control charges, fixed penalties, traffic tickets issued for speeding and other traffic offences or violations, tolls, congestion charges as well as overload charges. By signing the Rental Agreement, the Client gives the Rental Company the right to forward their personal details to the authorities in order to clarify the foregoing issues and determine penalties. In these cases, the Rental Company is entitled to charge a 30€ processing charge in addition to the charged sum.

f) The Client is obligated to compensate for the cleaning and cleansing costs caused by abnormal uncleanliness, for the vehicle to be cleaned to the same condition as it was when received.

g) The Client is obligated to fully compensate the Rental Company for the damages without excess limit if the damages have been caused or made by the following manners: overloading; smoking inside the vehicle; damages in the vehicle’s upholstery; driving with over or under inflated tires; losing keys; using wrong fuel; snow damages when there has been warning signs; driving in too narrow spaces for the vehicle’s size; driving on roads and areas that are in bad condition or other careless or incorrect use of the vehicle.

h) The Client’s full liability for damage without excess limit also always concerns damages that have been caused directly or indirectly by the Clients criminal procedures, driving under the influence of alcohol or other narcotics, as well as other intentional or gross negligence leading to the breach of contract.

The Client is released from the liability for damage as well as the excess if the Rental Company is fully compensated for the damage by a possible third party that has caused damage or the insurance company representing them.

9. Surcharges and Accessories
a) The Rental Company has the liberty to charge possible surcharges for the following: additional driver; young driver; registration fee; refueling fee (when the vehicle is returned without refueling); winter fee (between 1st of November and 31st of March) and delivery to or collection from hotels, airports, railway stations and harbors.

b) According to the rental period’s duration and agreed time, a surcharge for the following accessories will be charged: child seat for children of varying ages and weights, GPS system, ski roof boxes, roof racks and moving equipment.

c) A separate delivery or retrieval fee will be charged for one-way rentals. Delivery to or retrieval from another locality must be agreed upon before the beginning of the rental period. The delivery and retrieval fees are determined according to the time and the distance.

d) Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)

The CDW limits the Client’s excess concerning a collision occurred to the vehicle. The Client’s basic excess is 950–4,000€ depending on the vehicle class. The Client can reduce their excess to 350–750€ with a surcharge. The waiver does not cover damages to the tires or the windows.

e) Theft Protection (TP)

Theft Protection limits the Client’s excess if the vehicle or its accessories are stolen during the rental period. Theft Protection also covers damages caused by vandalism, break-in or fire. The Client’s basic excess is 950–4,000€ depending on the vehicle class. The Client can reduce their excess to 350–750€ with a surcharge. Theft Protection does not cover damages to the tires or the windows.

f) Tire and Glass Protection (TG)

The Client is fully responsible for tire and window damages of the vehicle. The Client can reduce their excess to 0€ with a surcharge.

10. Rental Age Limits
-19 years / 1 year of driving experience in vehicle classes mini, economy, and small and medium vans.

-23 years / 1 year of driving experience in vehicle classes compact, intermediate and large vans.

-25 years / 1 year of driving experience in vehicle classes standard, full size and premium.

-26 years / 3 years of driving experience in vehicle class special.

11. Termination of the Rental Agreement
The Rental Company has the liberty to terminate the Rental Agreement immediately if it is revealed that the Client is substantially violating the contractual stipulations. The Client is then obligated to immediately return the vehicle with its accessories to an agreed return location, and is not entitled for reimbursement for the paid rent. If the Client does not return the vehicle and the Rental Company must see to the retrieval of the vehicle, the Rental Company has the liberty to charge the Client for all the additional expenses caused by the retrieval as well.

12. Disputes Concerning the Rental Agreement
If the Client is indebted to the Rental Company, they agree that the signed Rental Agreement is used as a power of attorney when collecting the debt from the Client.

Primarily the disputes concerning the Rental Agreement are aimed to be settled by negotiating. If the dispute initiates legal proceedings, the case will be handled at the magistrate’s court in the Rental Company’s place of residence.

Updated 25.4.2022